1. Will I get a selfie with the cast if I get the VIP TICKET?

Yes! The VIP package includes individual photos with each cast member.  

2. What time should I arrive if I bought a VIP TICKET?

Check-in for VIP TICKET holders is at 3:30PM. 

Check-in for the TICKET + GROUP PHOTO holders is at 4:30PM.

The VIP and GROUP PHOTO check in times are listed on the event detail pagePlease be sure to read the details. By selecting the city and clicking "More Information" you'll get accurate start times. You must arrive on time. 

3. Does the VIP ticket come with a ticket to the show?

Yes! Both the TICKET + GROUP PHOTO and the VIP TICKET include a ticket to the show. 

4. Will I be able to give the cast gifts at the meet and greet?

Yes! However we recommend small, easily transportable gifts. Everyone loves giant stuffed animals and homemade food BUT we simply don’t have enough room on the bus for all of it! Fullscreen Live highly recommends written notes because it is super easy for the talent to read and take home with them. PLUS, they love to read notes from their fans.

5. How old do I have to be to attend?

The show is ALL AGES! Those under the age of 13 MUST be accompanied by an adult. Parents MUST have a General Admission ticket to attend the show with their child. Parents do not need to purchase a VIP ticket to accompany their child with a VIP ticket.

6. Are seats first come first serve?

Yes! Fans who arrive first will get to choose their seats first. While some venues are seated and others are standing room only, the earlier you get there, the better your chances are of being closer to the stage. If you purchase a VIP ticket, you will be let into the venue earlier than the general public and will get the chance to be front and center if you'd like!

7. How long is the show? 
50-70 minutes from start to finish. 

8. Do my parents have to buy the VIP TICKET to come with me to the meet and greet? 
No! Your parents can join you in the VIP experience if they buy the TICKET + GROUP PHOTO. However, you may not use your parents group photo for yourself. You may only participate in either the VIP TICKET meet and greet or the TICKET + GROUP PHOTO. You may not do both.

9. Does the VIP TICKET include the TICKET + GROUP PHOTO offerings? 
No. The VIP TICKET includes individual photos with each cast member, a VIP laminate and poster, + early entrance into the venue. The VIP TICKET does not include the TICKET + GROUP PHOTO opportunity. 

 10. Will I get selfies with the cast if I buy a TICKET + GROUP PHOTO? 

No. The TICKET + GROUP PHOTO does not include individual photos with the cast.  What do you get? Check out the question below!

 11. How does the TICKET + GROUP PHOTO work? 

Each ticket purchased includes a group photo with the cast of Drop The Mic. The group photo opportunity will take place between 4:30PM-5:45PM. Please arrive on time or you may forgo the group photo experience. You and a dozen fans will have the opportunity to get your picture taken with the  entire DTM cast. A photo will be taken for you and uploaded to FullscreenLive.com within 48 hours of the event. No selfies or autographs. 

** Parents who wish to accompany their child to the show must possess a ticket. Children under 13 must be accompanied by a parent. 

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