Event Info: 

Chris loves his fans and wants to meet all of them! Join him for a very real, intimate day getting to know him IRL. Every ticket purchased comes with a Meet + Greet. Come have 'Coffee With Chris'! 

Every ticket purchased includes a meet & greet with Chris OFlyng.
(1 photo and 1 autograph)

Want to hang with Chris OFlyng before the show? Purchase an exclusive VIP Meet & Greet ticket which includes early access into the venue (best seats) + extended VIP pre-hang (more time with Chris) + VIP laminate + VIP poster. Please note, the VIP experience includes a meet & greet before the show begins.  VIP customers do not get two meet & greets. 

If you are a parent with a child who possesses a VIP ticket, you can accompany your child during the experience with a General Admission ticket. You do not need a VIP ticket. A General Admission ticket is required to enter the venue regardless of age. 

* Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult  with a general admission ticket. 

+ Do parents need a ticket?

A parent/guardian must possess a general admission ticket to accompany their child to the show. If your child has a VIP ticket, parents may select to purchase a general admission ticket to accompany their child during the experience. Parents are not required to purchase a VIP but they must possess a general admission ticket.

+ What time should I arrive?

If you have a VIP ticket, please arrive by 10AM. If you are late, you may forgoe the experience. No refunds will be issued if you are late.

If you have a general admission ticket, you are welcome to start lining up at 11AM. Doors open at 11:30AM.

Show begins promptly at 12PM. Do not be late, refunds will not be issued.

+ What do I get with the VIP ticket?

VIP is a custom personalized experience focused on getting quality time with your favorite creator. Every ticket holder recieves early access into the venue (best seats) + VIP laminate + VIP poster + an extended VIP pre-show hang. The pre-show hang is done in small groups. VIP's get to ask questions, get autographs, take selfies, and spend more time with their favorite creator. VIP ticket holders conduct their meet & greet experience during the pre-show hang. VIP's are welcome to leave after the conclusion of the show. VIP's only get ONE meet & greet, before the show.

+ How long is the show?

The show varies in length from 20-30 minutes. Please note, this is a meet & greet tour so time is spent meeting every single person who buys a ticket. Each general admission ticket buyer gets one photo, one autograph. Upon your arrival at the venue, each general admission ticket holder will receive a colored bracelet. At the conclusion of the show, we will call you in the order in which you arrived at the venue. First to arrive, first to meet & greet. Parents with kids who have general admission tickets, its best to arrive early to avoid wait times post show.




Nov 5 - Washington, DC

Drafthouse Comedy Club: 12PM (VIP 10AM)



Nov 6 - Philadelphia, PA

Helium Comedy Club: 1PM (VIP 11AM)



Nov 12 - Houston, TX

Joke Joint Comedy Club: 12PM (VIP 10AM)



Nov 13 - Dallas, TX

Quixotic World Theatre: 12PM (VIP 10AM)



Nov 19 - Chicago, IL

Zanies Rosemont: 12PM (VIP 10AM)



Nov 20 - St Louis, MO

Helium Comedy Club: 1 PM (VIP 11AM)



Dec 3 - Long Island, NY

Governor's Comedy Club: 12 PM (VIP 10AM)



Dec 4 - Boston, MA

Fine Arts Theatre: 12 PM (VIP 10AM)



Jan 28 - Los Angeles, CA

Santa Monica Bay Woman's Club: 12 PM (VIP 10AM)



Jan 29 - San Francisco, CA

Swedish American Music Hall: 12PM (VIP 10AM)


Meet Chris OFlyng

Growing up in Wisconsin, where the Entertainment Industry is not prominent; Chris felt out of place while creating YouTube content, but knew that he wanted to stand out and be different. Chris found the inspiration to pursue his dreams and now, at just 19 years old, Chris’ voice is heard weekly to over 620,000 subscribers through his thought provoking and creative YouTube videos.

Known for his high energy, sporadic, and vulnerable videos, Chris is nothing short of genuine with his followers and strives to show others that they shouldn’t be afraid to be different and to express themselves. Chris’ goal as a creator is to further inspire his followers to stand for what they believe in, and to be themselves.

For the boy that seemed quiet, YouTube has allowed Chris to find his own unique style and the confident voice that he is now able to share with the world.

Chris continues to use his voice to promote awareness of the hunger criss striking America, wherein he has partnered with WhyHunger, a cause that he continues to support every month. To demonstrate his commitment to the cause, he launched a campaign to auction off his tim, in exchange for donations to WhyHunger.

Chris now resides in Los Angeles, CA and continues to develop and cultivate properties to live in and around digital media.

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